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The MPC Users' Group (MUG) invites community feedback on any issues, concerns, or questions about the MPC.


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Data Release Schedule

The Planetary Data System now maintains a unified PDS Data Release Calendar for missions. That calendar does not track non-mission releases.

This schedule is posted to show what non-mission data we expect to provide to the public in the near future. The unlinked date in the last column is a rough estimation of the data release (data however are expected to be delivered to SBN several months earlier so that they can be reviewed, lien-resolved, etc before release). After the release, we will link to the data from this page for up to 6 months after release. You can always find links to all of the released data from the "Data Archives" menu above.

Project Data Description Data Available Online
Ground based data and R&A
        Comet Data
9P/Tempel 1 photometry from K. Meech (UH) unknown
CARA comet AfRho data unknown
New Horizons Cosmic Optical Background Observations released May 2023
Rosetta ROSINA DFMS Time Series Abundances released Jun 2023
Ground based data and R&A
        Asteroid data
HST UV Slitless Reflectance Spectra of (1) Ceres V1.0 released Jan 2023
ALMA Ceres Imaging and Spectrum V1.0 released Jul 2022
OSIRIS-REx Simulated Test Models V1.0 released May 2022
Asteroid Polarimetric Database (APD) V2.0 released Jan 2022
PRIMASS-L Spectra V1.0 released Nov 2021
Ground based data and R&A
        (Natural) Satellites data