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Data Release Schedule

This schedule is posted to show what data we expect to provide to the public in the near future. The unlinked date in the last column is a rough estimation of the data release (data however are expected to be delivered to SBN several months earlier so that they can be reviewed, lien-resolved, etc before release). After the release, we will link to the data from this page for up to 6 months after release. You can always find links to all of the released data from the "Data Archives" menu above.

        mission phase or instrument
Data Description Data Available Online
Cassini CDA

        Data coverage dates {

(this schedule continues quarterly through July 2018)
2017-01-01 to 2017-03-31
2017-04-01 to 2017-07-01
2017-07-02 to 2017-10-01
2017-10-02 to 2017-12-31
released Jan 2018
released Apr 2018

Cassini HRD

        Data coverage dates {
complete through EOM released Mar 2018
        Ceres L1a and L1b:
FC XMO1 and XMO2 released Aug 2017
VIR LAMO, XMO1, and XMO2 released Sep 2017
FC XMO3 and XMO4 released Oct 2017
GRAND XMO3 and XMO4 released Nov 2017
        Ceres higher level products:
GRaND Ceres map products released Nov 2017
VIR Ceres map products TBD
VIR artifact-reduced spectra TBD
Ceres SPC shape model tbd
        Vesta higher level products:

Vesta SPC shape model

New Horizons ALICE
     Pluto Flyby P3

Sep 2017
     Pluto Flyby P3

Sep 2017
     Pluto Flyby P3

Sep 2017
     Pluto Flyby P3

Sep 2017
     Pluto Flyby P3

Sep 2017
     post-launch (raw) v2.0
     Jupiter (raw) v2.0
     Pluto cruise (raw) v2.0
     Pluto Flyby P3 (raw)
all phases calibrated

Sep 2017
Sep 2017
Sep 2017
Sep 2017
Sep 2017
     Pluto Flyby P3

Sep 2017
     Pluto Flyby P3

Sep 2017
higher level products Dec 2017

(see homepage for detailed listing of recently released datasets and mission page for listing of all datasets released)
Asteroid Steins (remaining instruments: ROMAP, RPCICA, RPCLAP, VIRTIS) 2018
Asteroid Lutetia (remaining instruments: NAVCAM, RPCMAG) 2018
Rendezvous Maneuver data (remaining instruments: RPCMAG, VIRTIS) 2018
Comet 67P, pre-landing data, Escort and Extension data, (all instruments)
releases ongoing
67P Shape Models v2.0 released Jul 2017
67P Ground-based Observations Sep 2017
SOHO SOHO comet images and photometry v2 unknown
STEREO STEREO comet images and photometry unknown

Ground based data
        Comet Data
9P/Tempel 1 photometry from K. Meech (UH) unknown
Unidentified Cometary Emissions unknown
CARA comet AfRho data unknown
Comet ISON images and spectra, various telescopes May 2018
Comet Hale-Bopp photometry from multiple observers May 2018
Ground based data
        Asteroid data
Reddy Near Earth and Mars-Crossing Asteroid Spectra V1.0 released Aug 2017
Binary Minor Planets Compilation V2.0 released Aug 2017
Asteroid Occultations V1.0 released Aug 2017
Ground based data
        (Natural) Satellites data
Uranian satellites NIR spectra May 2018
DATA RESTORATION Comet Halley near-nucleus images, orientation corrected May 2018
Photometry of comet 9P/Tempel 1 from Deep Impact, v2.0 May 2018