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The MPC Users' Group (MUG) invites community feedback on any issues, concerns, or questions about the MPC.


Please provide feedback on the SBN website.

PDS Support

Small Bodies Data Archives

PDS-SBN is largely responsible for archiving the data pertaining to small bodies and collected by NASA's planetary spacecraft. Small body mission support observations from ground-based facilities as well as ground-based surveys, other mission data, programs, and investigations are welcome, but are not required, to be archived. You will find an assortment of these data in our archives as well.

The SBN datasets are available on-line for browsing and downloading. The vast majority of which are in the form of ASCII or binary tables of numbers. Detailed descriptions of the various file types you might encounter are available.

Data Archived at SBN

Data from small body missions and ground-based observations pertaining to small bodies that have been submitted to, reviewed and archived by the PDS-SBN.

Data Archived Elsewhere

Links to small body data archived in non-PDS astronomical archives.