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Rosetta ROSINA DFMS Time Series Abundances


Abstract: This collection contains time series abundance data files derived from observations made with the Rosetta Orbiter Spectrometer for Ion and Neutral Analysis (ROSINA) Double Focusing Mass Spectrometer (DFMS) instrument onboard the Rosetta spacecraft. The data in this collection span the comet encounter Prelanding through Extension 3 mission phases of the Rosetta mission to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

urn:nasa:pds:ro_derived:dfms_ts_abundance::1.0 MD5 Checksums Browse (48.6 MB) Download (14.8 MB)

PDS citation information for this PDS4 collection: "Luspay-Kuti, A., Trattner, K., Petrinec, S., Fuselier, S. A., Mandt, K. E., Rosetta ROSINA DFMS Time Series Abundances, urn:nasa:pds:ro_derived:dfms_ts_abundance::1.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 2023."

DOI: 10.26007/xt7t-jh11

This PDS4 collection is a part of the following PDS4 bundle:

urn:nasa:pds:ro_derived::1.0 Rosetta Derived Data Bundle Browse

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