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PDS Support

File and Label Formatting/Verifying Routines

These routines are divided into three suites. Read the brief one-line descriptions of all the routines, by suite.

Utilities for verifying and working with PDS labels and data sets, including: table verifiers for both ASCII and binary TABLE objects; a routine to generate an index listing from PDS label keywords; a utility to insert INVALID/MISSING values into blank fields; etc. Useful mainly for data preparers.

The SBN Table Verifier is also available separately:

Utilities for working with FITS files and labels, including routines to: concatenate files (C source); insert and remove Unix record delimiters into and from stream (FITS) files; and generate an index file from FITS header keywords. Intended mainly for data preparers, some of these routines also come in handy for end users who do not usually work with FITS files.
Utilities for doing some tedious, repetitive file tasks, like: generating sample listings with byte labels; adding and removing carriage-return characters; adding and deleting bytes in each record; forcing file names to upper or lower case; and so on. Most of these are useful only to data preparers, but some end-users may find a few of the routines (like the record delimiter modifiers) handy if they must deal with data formatted for systems unlike their own.

There are a number of similar tools available from the main PDS website.