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Rosetta-Orbiter/Lander CONSERT Rendezvous Manoeuvre 1 Raw Data


Abstract: This archive contains edited data from the CONSERT instrument onboard ROSETTA Orbiter and Lander, acquired during the RVM1 mission phase (Rendez-vous manoeuvre 1). It also contains documentation which describes the CONSERT experiment. The data archived in this data set conform to the Planetary Data System (PDS) Standards, Version 3.6. This data set supersedes RO/RL-CAL-CONSERT-2-RVM1-V1.0.

RO/RL-CAL-CONSERT-2-RVM1-V2.0 Browse (419.8 MB) Download (36.0 MB)

PDS citation information for this data set: "A. Herique, B. Pibaret, W. Kofman, ROSETTA-ORBITER/ROSETTA-LANDER CAL CONSERT 2 RVM1 V2.0, RO/RL-CAL-CONSERT-2-RVM1-V2.0, ESA Planetary Science Archive and NASA Planetary Data System, 2018."

Older versions of this data set:

RO/RL-CAL-CONSERT-2-RVM1-V1.0 Browse (2.1 MB) Download (989.6 KB)

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