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Rosetta-Orbiter RPCMIP Escort 2 67P Calibrated Data

A newer version of this data set has been publicly released. Go here for the current version.


Abstract: This archive contains data from the RPC-MIP instrument onboard ROSETTA Orbiter, acquired during the comet escort part 2 phase at the vicinity of 67P. It also contains documentation which describes the MIP experiment. The data archived in this data set conform to the Planetary Data System Standards, Version 3.6.

RO-C-RPCMIP-3-ESC2-V1.0 Liens Browse Download (684.2 MB)

Citation to use when referencing this data set: "J.-G. Trotignon, X. Vallieres, D. Lagoutte, ROSETTA-ORBITER 67P RPCMIP 3 ESC2 V1.0, RO-C-RPCMIP-3-ESC2-V1.0, ESA Planetary Science Archive and NASA Planetary Data System, 2015."

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