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Comet ISON May 2013 HFOSC and OMR Observations Collection


Abstract: This dataset contains raw, processed and derived imaging and spectroscopic data of comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) taken in May 2013. Photometric data was obtained on May 01 and 04 in V and R Bessel bands using the Himalayan Faint Object Spectrograph and Camera (HFOSC) mounted on the 2.0-m HCT of the Indian Astrophysical Observatory (IAO) of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA), located at 4500 m above sea level, Hanle, Leh, Ladakh. Spectra were taken using the HFOSC instrument on May 01 and 15; and on May 02 using the medium-resolution spectrograph from Optomechanics Research (OMR) mounted on the 2.34-m Vainu Bappu Telescope (VBT) of the Vainu Bappu Observatory (VBO) of the IIA, located at Kavalur, Tamil Nadu, India. Spectroscopic data provides coverage from 380 to 900 nm.

urn:nasa:pds:gbo-c2012_s1_ison:may2013_hfosc_omr::1.0 MD5 Checksums Browse Download (268.5 MB)

Citation to use when referencing this PDS4 collection: "Safonova, M.; Sreejith, A.G.; Brosch, N.; Mathew, J.; Kumar, P.; Kowshik, K.K.; Selvakumar, G.; Muthumariappan, C.; Sutaria, F.; Murthy, Jayant; Comet ISON May 2013 HFOSC and OMR Observations Collection; urn:nasa:pds:gbo-c2012_s1_ison:may2013_hfosc_omr::1.0; NASA Planetary Data System; 2019."

This PDS4 collection is a part of the following PDS4 bundle:

urn:nasa:pds:gbo-c2012_s1_ison::1.0 Comet C/ISON (2012 S1) Ground-Based Observations Bundle Browse

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