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Survey of Comet Lightcurves

A PDS3 version of this data set can be found here.


Abstract: This is a dataset that compiles the data from various papers, which reported observations of brightness changes in comets that allowed to produce the comet lightcurves. Specifically, the data were based on the references in the paper by Samarasinha et al. (2004), i.e. they are those lightcurves, which were used to find out the rotational properties of the comet nuclei (periods, rotation vector coordinates, spin mode, etc.) reported by Samarasinha et al. (2004). These data were migrated from the PDS3 dataset EAR-C-COMPIL-5-LIGHTCURVES-V1.0.

urn:nasa:pds:compil-comet:lightcurves::1.0 MD5 Checksums Browse Download (57.3 KB)

Citation to use when referencing this PDS4 collection: "Melville, K., Ed.; Survey of Comet Lightcurves (PDS4 Format); urn:nasa:pds:compil-comet:lightcurves::1.0; NASA Planetary Data System, 2019."

This PDS4 collection is a part of the following PDS4 bundle:

urn:nasa:pds:compil-comet::3.0 Comet Data Compilations from Published Sources Browse

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