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New Horizons SWAP Jupiter Encounter Raw Data v4.0


Abstract: This data set contains Raw data taken by the New Horizons Solar Wind Around Pluto instrument during the Jupiter encounter mission phase. This is VERSION 4.0 of this data set. During the Jupiter mission phase, SWAP made near-continuous science observations, taking data between 2 and 12 times per hour. Inbound to Jupiter, real-time science mode data were taken twice per hour, then 12 measurements were recorded per hour in the Jupiter tail. The Jupiter tail observations continue until about 100 days after closest approach, which corresponds to about 2200 RJ downstream. The changes in Version 4.0 were re-running of the ancillary data in the data product, updated geometry from newer SPICE kernels, minor editing of the documentation, catalogs, etc., and resolution of liens from the December, 2014 review, plus those from the May, 2016 review of the Pluto Encounter data sets. No new observations were added with Version 4.0.

NH-J-SWAP-2-JUPITER-V4.0 Intro Doc Browse Download (147.9 MB)

PDS citation information for this data set: "McComas, D., NEW HORIZONS Raw SWAP JUPITER ENCOUNTER V4.0, NH-J-SWAP-2-JUPITER-V4.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 2017."

DOI: 10.26007/dfhh-kn63

Older versions of this data set:

NH-J-SWAP-2-JUPITER-V3.0 Browse Download (642.9 MB)
NH-J-SWAP-2-JUPITER-V2.0 Browse Download (162.9 MB)
NH-J-SWAP-2-JUPITER-V1.0 Browse Download (134.5 MB)

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