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EPOXI HRI-IR EPOCh Earth Raw Spectra


Abstract: This data set contains raw, 1.05- to 4.8-micron spectra of Earth acquired by the High Resolution Infrared Spectrometer (HRII) during the EPOCh and Cruise 2 phases of the EPOXI mission. Five sets of observations were acquired on 18-19 March, 28-29 May and 04-05 June 2008 and on 27-28 March and 04-05 October 2009 to characterize Earth as an analog for extrasolar planets. Each observing period lasted approximately 24 hours, and spectra were acquired twice per hour. During the observing period in May 2008, the Moon transited across Earth as seen from the spacecraft. HRII spectra were not acquired during the first attempt of an Earth south polar observation on 27-28 September 2009 because fault protection turned that instrument off; the full sequence was successfully rerun on 04-05 October 2009.

DIF-E-HRII-2-EPOXI-EARTH-V1.0 [Errata] Intro Doc Browse Download (303.9 MB in 11 files)

Citation to use when referencing this data set: "McLaughlin, S.A., B. Carcich, D. Deming, K.P. Klaasen, and D.D. Wellnitz, EPOXI EARTH OBS - HRII RAW SPECTRA V1.0, DIF-E-HRII-2-EPOXI-EARTH-V1.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 2009."

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