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EPOXI HRI-IR 103P/Hartley 2 Calibrated Spectra v2.0

This data set has been superseded. Go here for the current version.

This data set has been taken OFFLINE. Download files may still be available below, otherwise please contact us if you want a copy.


Abstract: This dataset contains calibrated, 1.05- to 4.8-micron spectral images of comet 103/P Hartley 2 acquired by the High Resolution Infrared Spectrometer from 01 October through 26 November 2010 during the Hartley 2 encounter phase of the EPOXI mission. Version 2.0 includes the application of new per-pixel linearity and calibration files such flats, darks, and absolute calibration curves that were derived using the new linearization.

DIF-C-HRII-3/4-EPOXI-HARTLEY2-V2.0 OFFLINE Download (186.3 GB in 115 files)

Citation to use when referencing this data set: "McLaughlin, S.A., B. Carcich, S.E. Sackett, and K.P. Klaasen, EPOXI 103P/HARTLEY2 ENCOUNTER - HRII CALIBRATED SPECTRA V2.0, DIF-C-HRII-3/4-EPOXI-HARTLEY2-V2.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 2013."

Older versions of this data set:

DIF-C-HRII-3/4-EPOXI-HARTLEY2-V1.0 OFFLINE Download (184.2 GB in 115 files)

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