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Here we list links to the primary mission website as well as pages about the mission on other sites such as the NSSDC, NASA portal, etc.


Only dust data from Cassini's Cosmic Dust Analyzer (CDA) and High Rate Detector (HRD) are archived at SBN. For access to data from other Cassini instruments, see the Cassini Archive Page at the Atmospheres Node, and the Enhanced Cassini Support page at the Ring-Moon Systems Node.

The Cassini mission is a joint endeavor between NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Italian Space Agency (ASI). Scientific objectives for the mission include a detailed study of the planet Saturn and its rings, magnetosphere, and satellites. The Cassini mission includes ESA's Huygens probe, a spacecraft designed to study the atmosphere of Titan.

Cassini was launched on 15 October 1997, and after two gravitational assists from Venus on 26 April 1998 and 24 June 1999 the spacecraft entered into orbit around Saturn on 1 July 2004. On 25 December 2004 the Huygens probe separated from the orbiter; it reached Titan on 14 January 2005 where it made an atmospheric descent to the surface and relayed scientific information. Cassini completed its four-year prime mission in June 2008 and its first extended mission called the Cassini Equinox Mission in September 2010. The spacecraft is now in a second extended mission called the Cassini Solstice Mission through 2017.

The SBN, through its Interplanetary Dust Subnode, is the contact PDS node for the CDA and HRD archive data.


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