Rosetta Draft Data Set Area

This directory tree contains Rosetta data sets that have been released to the community by 
ESA, but that are NOT CERTIFED and are still considered to be in active development with 
respect to PDS archiving requirements. These should be treated as early draft versions of 
the final data sets.

Because they are in active development, the labels and data may change without notice and 
without the usual adherence to PDS versioning and change documentation standards.  New 
data will be posted as soon as it is available from the PSA.  Superseded data will be 
removed from this website without comment. Users are advised to check the MD5 checksums 
supplied when downloading and to track the last modification dates of the files they are 

Once a dataset posted here has been reviewed and certified by the PDS for archiving, it 
will be removed from this site and a stable draft posted to the Rosetta mission archive 
page: (

Subdirectories are provided for each orbiter- or lander-mounted instrument returning data 
destined for the archive.  The instrument directory will be empty if there are currently 
no public versions of data sets in development available for the corresponding instrument.
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