PDS_VERSION_ID       = PDS3                                                   
RECORD_TYPE          = STREAM                                                 
OBJECT               = TEXT                                                   
  PUBLICATION_DATE   = 2004-07-02                                             
  NOTE               = "PDS Catalog Objects Supporting SDDFMI_0002"           
END_OBJECT           = TEXT                                                   
PDS Catalog Objects Supporting SDDFMI_0002                                    
  The CATALOG sub-directory contains data object files that provide           
  high-level descriptions of the Stardust mission, spacecraft, mission        
  target, and science team, as well as of the DFMI Wild 2 Encounter EDR       
  data set contained on this volume. The descriptions are organized           
  into the following catalog objects:                                         
  CATINFO.TXT    - The file you are now reading.                              
  STARDUST.CAT   - High-level catalog object for the Stardust mission.        
  SDU.CAT        - High-level catalog object for the Stardust spacecraft.     
  DFMI.CAT       - High-level catalog object for the Dust Flux Monitor        
                   Instrument (DFMI) instrument on the Stardust               
  DATASET.CAT    - High-level catalog object for the DFMI Wild 2 Encounter    
                   EDR data set.                                              
                 - Target catalog object for comet 81P/Wild 2.                
  PERSONNEL.CAT  - High-level catalog object for personnel officially         
                   responsible for the production and distribution of the     
                   Stardust DFMI Wild 2 Encounter EDR Data archive.           
  REFERENCE.CAT  - High-level catalog object containing bibliographic         
                   citations for reference works cited in other catalog       
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